Hard Walls & Dividers

At SOLISKY we have a wide range of available, premade decor elements. Even though you are choosing from a pre-existing inventory, all items were initially made to order by our company and are unique in every possible way.

Based on your needs, we can provide photos of items in stock and deliver them to the desired venue upon request. Make smaller units out of large spaces, by renting our tailored hard walls and dividers.


Lamp Shades, Candles & Ambient Lighting

Lighting is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of an event. It can add depth and ambiance to the venue, as well as set the mood and atmosphere. Not only does it set the focus, but also makes the occasion more memorable with the moods it triggers.

We will help you create adequate lighting from scratch, or by choosing from what we already have in stock.


Flooring, Carpets & Floor Treatments

Sometimes all you're missing is that one piece of floor decor to tie the room together. Today's stage designs, surroundings and mood setting expectations often require more than the standard red carpeting.

Even if you already have an event planned out, but are missing that one custom piece of flooring, here at SOLISKY we will be more than happy to help you finish your project by renting one of a kind carpets or floor treatments.


Bars & Bar Backs

A bar is usually where the crowd gets together to unwind and socialize, make new connections or talk to old friends before retiring to the designated lounge area with their desired company.

Add style, luxury or character by using bar and bar back rental services from SOLISKY.


Custom Elements

As a result of SOLISKY being a boutique and one of a kind event design company with over 200 events and counting, we have gathered a wide variety of tailor made items, which were stitched, glued and nailed together by members of our team.

Since a lot of thought and work was put into customizing each and every one of them, they deserve to be used more than once, to bring yet another fabulous event to life.


Accent Tables & Pedestals

The use of accent tables and pedestals can range from displaying vases, statues and other decor elements in means of amplifying elegance and class, to adding some zest to displayed products and advertising materials.

Even basic but creatively designed accent tables or pedestals can make a big different in product or decor presentation.

Arrange a meeting with us today to get a tailor made design or rent some from our existing inventory.


Fabric Treatments and Draperies

Whether it’s an incredibly breath-taking entrance or an elegant reception room you’re looking for, quality and good taste should always be in the forefront. If an area of the event space has a less than pleasant view or will distract the guests, the Pipe & Drape technique can be used to mask the space, effectively making it disappear.

Simple fabric treatments on windows, walls or furniture will improve the overall look of the venue by concealing unappealing details, or just contributing to the theme of the event. We have a wide variety of fabrics and custom made draperies available for rent. Give us a call today.